Our Fields

The PLP Fields

Park Lake Paintball features four different fields; A thick bush field, a massive junkyard/town field, our *NEW* castle field and of course Lethbridge and area’s only speedball field. We have recently added city buses to the mix and are excited to be in the process of some other big expansions this year!


This field features a large-sized fortress towering over 4 city/school buses. One team will defend the castle while the other tries to storm it.

Bush Ball Field

Featuring a combination of trees, bushes, and barrels, fight your way down the field through a number of paths. Sneak through the bushes to come out behind the enemy but don’t forget to watch behind you.

Speed Ball Field

For players that prefer a faster-paced game, this field features inflatable bunkers in a close quarters course. With less cover and in close proximity to your opponents, games do not often last longer than a few minutes.

Town Field

A field of barrels and houses. Maneuver through windowed houses and silos or risk leaving cover to try to surprise your opponents.

Castle Field

The Castle Feild has everything you want! busses, a castle, barrels, pallets, and all things to keep you covered to take the castle as your victory!

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April - August
Monday - Saturday  9AM - 9PM
Sunday & Holidays 9AM - 6PM

September - April
Monday - Sunday   10AM - SUNSET

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